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Committee of Committees

It consists of the working committees that are formed by the Board of Directors from among its members at the first meeting, to initiate any process entrusted to it provided that the Council determines the number of members of each committee and its duration (if temporary) and its competence and sets a system for its work to present a result Study and research it to decide what he deems appropriate. Members of non-board members or individuals with qualifications from outside the association may join the membership of these committees, provided they are brought before the council to give them confidence. Committee chairmen must be a member of the board of directors.

Board Members Office

It consists of the President, the Secretary and the Secretary-General, and is elected by the Board of Directors from among its members at its first meeting by direct secret ballot, and the statute has defined the terms of reference for each of them.

Board Members

It consists of twelve members who are elected by the general assembly from among its members for a period of two years renewable for one or other periods and are elected by direct secret ballot, and it is the executive authority of the association and implements the policy drawn by the general assembly and the decisions it issues to achieve the legitimate purposes of the association, and may The articles of association specify the functions of the board of directors and other organizational matters for its work.

The General Assembly

The supreme authority in drawing up the society’s policy, monitoring its implementation, and its decisions apply to all of its organs, committees, and members, and the articles of association specify the terms of reference for the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly and other organizational matters for its work.

Financial Association resources

Membership subscription fees Alms Donations and donations Profits and interests resulting from investing the association's money Barbers Text messaging service In-kind and seasonal donations

Means of achieving goals

Engaging in social development charitable projects that contribute to improving the situation of vulnerable families. Organizing meetings, festivals, training workshops, scientific conferences, and economic, social, cultural and media activities, to help achieve sustainable development. Cooperation with charitable institutions of society, and with actors in the field of social work. Investigate the social needs of individuals and charitable institutions in the Kingdom, in order to benefit from them in societal development. Nurturing abilities, competencies, and needy people from the poor class, and working to qualify them and prepare them to adapt to the facts of life.


Promoting charitable work through innovative and effective projects and initiatives Seek to establish social solidarity projects.


Symbiosis Striving to spread spirit of benevolence, benevolence and volunteerism, and consolidating the original principles in the members of society. honesty Confirm the principle of honesty and mutual trust between us and our partners, so that we can be trusted by everyone. integrity We deal clearly and fairly in all our transactions, reports and projects. Partnership As it seeks to achieve the best creative ideas and charitable and institutional practices and encourage social partnerships, social responsibility. Humanity We cooperate and coordinate institutions and associations related to charitable work in order to achieve charitable integration. A great human value is represented in giving and giving in all its forms, developing a sense of responsibility among members of society towards charitable work.